Tribute to our inventors

Brushes specially designed for cleaning motorcycles

This problem Luc had for a while and had checked whether certain brushes were available in stores that could solve his problem. But his research were unsuccessful. One morning he woke up with the intention remedying to this problem. And when Luc takes a decision, he is difficult to stop. His first action was to build a prototype using all kinds of pieces that he could find. And it worked very well. But as he was able to see for himself, between the prototype and the finished product, there is a world. But Luc has persevered and had reason to be because the finished product is worthy of his invention. His "Motobrosse" It comes in two formats and is equipped with an adapter for a hose that cleans and rinse simultaneously and one very small for the hardest places to reach. And God knows it is not what is lacking on a motorcycle. The market research that was performed by Inventarium demonstrated that Motobrosse whose production has now begun, presents a huge potential market. In Quebec, there are 1.5 million motorcycles on the road, three million in Canada and 21 million in the United States. An agreement is about to be signed with a company related to large chain stores including Zellers and Canadian Tire.