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Method for filtering unwanted emails

In 2001 I wanted to start a business online "ezStockExchange" with a partner. This company specialized in the processing of market data collected on the Internet. Potentially, this company could generate significant profits by having seek only one customer per month. Our customers would find and contact us via the Internet. However spam (junk mail) prevented us from developing. Spam is a real nuisance to the development of our business during the summer of 2002, I started to think how to eliminate these unwanted emails. We could not afford to invest time to sort out what is good or not in our mail box. Also point out that many viruses are sent this way. One thing that struck me in the meantime was how Yahoo (captcha technology - Carnegie Mellon University) with its images managed to limit the number of accounts created by robots of spammers. I saw there a possible solution that I heard (I have not checked) that the technology was effective in part because apparently, spammers were paying people in some poor countries just to enter the code shown in the images. The first solution I found was to create a site only to redirect the email. The goal was to use "disposable" addresses. At that time I recorded a AOLEMAILS.COM website (Advanced On Line email). The name was chosen based on research which were made on the Internet at that time. The combination and AOL email were in demand at that time. Gradually, as I advanced in my project, I started to wonder why spam cannot be stopped. The more I worked on my site AOLEMails (part time because I also had to work on ezStockExchange) plus the solution took shape in my mind. I finally discovered that the problem was approached in the wrong way. That the solution was on the user side. Ie the user should be able to give their email address and they to whom he had given were to join him. That just does having the right address was simply not enough. The solution became clear, give the key to his mailbox and be able to change and distribute it at your leisure. Thus, spammers could not continue their devastating practices. The solution applied not only to the end user, but also for businesses. I informed my partner ezStockExchange I had found the solution against the SPAM and ezStockExchange would benefit. Proud of this discovery, I slipped in a word, in my family, including my brother Bruno. Not knowing that I could patent a method, I thought to create a complete Webmail and I recorded in July 2003 for this purpose. The solution is clear, it was necessary to implement it. I started to get interested in Linux, Postfix (mail server), PHP (web programming), PHP Graphics etc. anything that allowed me to advance my project. I worked alone for seven months, during which I gleaned here and there for information, including from people who knew Linux, all to create the Webmail. I was also concerned by the passage of time and the possibility that someone might steal my idea. At that point I still did not know I could patent a method.