Tribute to our inventors

Transformable Lunch box in a placemat

Denis has a lot of imagination. In 1995 he had a first idea of invention which consisted of a chair umbrella. It was simply out of its holster, open it in the manner of an umbrella and sit comfortably to watch a fireworks display, for example. Denis has made several prototypes before arriving at the one that met all of its criteria. Unfortunately, at this time Denis was very busy and took so much time to complete is prototype it has been exceeded by another inventor. His second idea was to design Bermuda shorts with zippers that could quickly turn into pants simply by adding two pieces of fabric. Denis spoke about this idea to his sister Caroline who did not really believe in the idea, Denis decided to abandon the idea. But a few years later, this idea has appeared on the market. From that moment, he made a promised that it was the last time it would happened. In 2006, it was Caroline who had a good idea of invention. This brilliant idea came to her while working in the house of her employer. She did not want to mess the place and always brought a placemat with her lunch box. It was during one of her meal that she got the idea, a lunch box that turns into a placemat in a minute. After several weeks of cogitations, she had already designed a model that met all of her criteria. She showed it to Denis and this time they both agreed not to let this invention go. In less than 3 days, Denis had already produced a working prototype. A thermal lunch bag, cloth, which turns in a wink, becomes a placemat once opened. A must for all those who eat outside the home. This box convertible lunch placemat is both useful for transporting food hot or cold and provide a space to eat, clean and hygienic when opened. Made of durable fabric, it turns into a wink placemat, thanks to zippers. 2 products in 1, easy maintenance, compact, flexible, safe, durable, unique design, lightweight, waterproof, machine washable. It can also be of different sizes, go on the bikes and used makeup kit. Wasting no time, they are then presented to Inventorium to deposit their patents in Canada, United States and internationally. The steps to attract businesses to their invention were a little longer than expected, but finally ended with the signing of a distribution agreement with the company Geocan St. Leonard. This product is now marketed and should soon be on the shelves of Jean Coutu Pharmacies. But Denis does not intend to stop there. An acquaintance suggested to him the idea of a new hockey bag that would improve the rate of drying equipment. This suggestion has not fallen in deaf ears and Denis quickly attacked for its development. He went well beyond the original idea and added a timer device for heating at the beginning and hand on to temper the equipment (same principle as a dryer machine). Moreover, there is added an ionic system that eliminates odors. And God knows that there are in hockey bag. His bag is composed of a sub floor for the air to circulate from one end to another without obstacles. The subfloor consists of plastic strips, placed vertically at a distance of one inch to dry hockey equipment. The bottom is sealed and serves as failure if we put the equipment, once washed. Her bag also turn into a larger space to avoid the equi ment to be compressed, thereby maximizing performance. There are also plastic rods provided for hanging the different pieces of equipment, for greater efficiency during drying. Denis has filed a patent in Canada, the United States and international for his new bag hoc key to pro whose type is in progress.