Tribute to our inventors

Shoe dryer and stretcher

According to them, the main problem that causes rapid degradation of shoes is the difficult to dry them quickly. They therefore seriously tackle this problem and this resulted in the dual functions embodiment shoes. In addition to stretch the shoes to keep their original form, they allow them to dry quickly with a heating element. Innovation lies mainly in the fact that the products is currently on the market offer one or the other of these functions but none did both. Although these embodiment are mainly for sports shoes, they are equally useful for all other kinds of footwear. In addition to making them more comfortable, they allow them to keep an impeccable shape and also prevent fractures in leather. By increasing the longevity of the shoe, heated embodiment allow the same time to realize substantial savings. At the business level, Marko and Lev learned everything through the family business run by their father. They themselves have realized their market research, designed their business plan and started their own business. The marketing of their product should start soon. We wish them a great success.