Tribute to our inventors

Magnetic amplifier

His phobia has been to modify objects, regardless of their nature. He remembers even to have already bought a pair of shoes he was then defeated in pieces and then reassemble to his liking. Most of the time, he just draw these changes on paper, but later he began to tinker directly on the devices. To pay for his studies, he worked as a maintenance man at the Olympic Stadium and the Biodome. It was stronger than him, so he changed the engine the design of maintenance equipment such as electric sweepers, polishers, brushes, etc. Guillaume has not always been attracted astronomy and physical phenomena. He also considers himself as an astrophysicist. He read just all about the great scientists like Einstein, Tesla, Hubble, etc. At the age of 22, he enrolled in industrial electronics, electro dynamic option, instrumentation and control. It was at this time that he began to notice more seriously his ideas for inventions. But Guillaume is a guy action and experience, and he was beginning to find the time long to the point that he was seriously thinking of abandoning his studies. By accident while searching information on the internet, he came across a group of enthusiast who created a generator of clean energy. He was passionate about this area and that is when this period of his life he decided that he would one day build on its knowledge to create its own magnetic amplifier. He already had a good idea of the functioning of his invention, but before you start to invest time and money, he made a serious search prior patents on the Internet. Oddly, the only machine that used the same principle that dated it to 1920. He knew, however, that the evolution of technology today allow it to go much further. And that is what he did by developing a magnetic amplifier that generates a power output exceeding the input power using magnetism magnets, electromagnets. He has already obtained his patent in the US and patent pending in Canada. Guillaume founded his own company and rented a former vault located in premises within the Plateau to install its prototype. He is currently working to install a bench trial and a giant laboratory to continue his research in this area. Many other inventions trot him in the head, but, as is often the case, lack of money and time prevents tackled.