Tribute to our inventors

Device to facilitate the use of a portable vacuum shredder

For several years, he used a grinder blower to remove dead leaves on his land. But there were several drawbacks. The latest models of shredders are very good but heavy and cumbersome, particularly because of the bag that inflates. The bag fills up very quickly and we have to empty it frequently. Vacuum shredder mode, the engine is very high and close to the ears which is very unpleasant. Those devices make a lot more dust. So by thoroughly studying each of these disadvantages Leo has invent a platform which makes use of a vacuum shredder much easier and enjoyable to operate. Remembering Electrolux sweeper sledding with a long cord and a short suction pipe that has been replaced by the central vacuum that really got the basic idea of his invention. The operator is far away from the central module which had a large basin, a big engine and a great filter and the intake air which is discharged outside. All this is connected by a long flexible hose which is silent and no dust. Mr. Tardif has decided to use the same principle, thus improving the working conditions of the operator whose sole function is to direct the suction hose. In short, the long hose simplifies operation and provides a host of benefits, such as a large bin, little or no weight and a lot of ability and flexibility. With this system, no need to empty the vacuum bag, leaves and debris bagging immediately in recycling bags.