Tribute to our inventors

The Game « Memoire Vive »

Many years later, speaking with a buddy, an idea came to create a real board game as we can find on store shelves. But there was disagreement about the form of the game as such and its basic elements. Considering that one is never better served than by oneself, Guylaine has therefore taken the decision to do it on her own. It was quite a challenge for a woman who had absolutely no experience in this area. But Guylaine is coriaceous and has succeeded. At that time, she was a teacher at Polyvalente Arvida in Saguenay. She talked about her project to her students and they were all very excited to participating on the development. The main objective was to help concentration, improve their memory and enhancing their general knowledge. At one point, she asked her students if there was one (e) that had drawing abilities. And luckily, Antoine Buteau, was only 12 years old and he had those talents. Antoine was chosen and did the drawings that Guylaine had in mind. But before she took the time to contact his parents to make arrangements. Since, two models of the game were marketed Mémoire Vive, a regular size and one pocket-sized, more convenient for touring by car or air travel. Today she produces animated games and educational exercises as games that you can download online. She also conducts quizzes to build vocabulary and improve general knowledge, much like the concept of Random Access Memory. In addition, she has signed an important agreement with engineering, which will ensure that her educational exercises as a game will soon find themselves on interactive whiteboards in schools. This is what we call a real challenge!