Tribute to our inventors

Bedsheet retainer clip

But during a short trip to Canada where he lived with a friend, he was forced to make his bed himself and it was really unpleasant as always his sheet was coming out from under his mattress. He does not like complications, he started doodling on a piece of paper the first draft of a restraint system that would solve his problem. His relatives found the idea interesting, he decided to take action and filed its patent in Morocco. And for Canada and the United States, he uses Inventorium services. Now that it patents have been obtained, he is preparing to make the finished product and his marketing. He does not intend to abandon the active medicine to embark on commercialization of his invention. It is therefore currently looking for a company interested in marketing on his behalf in Canada, North America and international. A huge market considering that there is at least one bed in all apartments and houses around the world.