Tribute to our inventors

Gravitational energy producing apparatus

The idea then came to him to challenge his young charges. He grouped by trios and asked them each to manufacture a small vehicle powered only by the energy produced by magnets and electromagnets. After each group had finished, a race was organized to determine the most efficient vehicle. He was overthrown by the intelligence of these little fellows. This experience has done much thinking to the point that he came to the conclusion that all the world's children deserved better than what we like environment currently offers them. This is what led him to a great reflection on his future with the result that he made a decision that would change his life radically, or leave teaching and go back to Montreal. What he wanted now was to find a job that would allow him to have enough free time to devote to research. The result of his long cogitations was the invention of a gravitational potential energy machine based on natural principles. The early years were devoted to imagine the various components, and the mechanism. Since last year, he is building the first prototype. He cannot move at the pace he would like and can be understood as Antal is father of 6 children. But he is determined to go through with his dream is to make this famous machine which will produce clean and inexpensive energy that can be used in all countries of the world. What motivates him day after day, it is the improvement of children's quality of life across the planet. In other words, this is the future of humanity This great humanist has dubbed its "wishy Watty" from the English expression meaning Wishy Washy undecided. This is also due to a Barack Obama speech in which the latter described the major countries Wishy Washy he chose that name. The US President was referring to the fact that the major industrialized countries fail to decide on ways to reduce greenhouse gases versus the economy. Antal Meneïde is currently in the production phase of this device that requires clean rooms to its system. It must therefore make custom fairs and to do that, he must make the first polystyrene scale as seen in the photo. Fortunately, it is not alone in this adventure because it is in contact with metal specialists and master welder who support his project. For the sake of all children in the world, one can only wish him that everything works as it imagines.