Tribute to our inventors

Compact beauty station

His first action before he gets to involved in this adventure was to make a thorough search on the Internet and in journals and magazines devoted to women. Finding nothing that meets all his criteria, he decided to go for it. What was the most difficult to conceive is the deployment mechanism. In one motion, opening the door, the mirror reaches the height of the face, the lights come on automatically and accessories, clothes, hair brush, etc. are readily available on the shelves. Note that Daniel has thought of everything, including adding an integrated electrical socket module. The station can be installed to use standing or sitting. Its prototype is completely finished and Daniel is currently in the bidding phase for the realization of the finished product. At this stage, he would like to meet with financial partners to accompany the commercialization of his invention that is already the envy of all women he has presented. His goal: that the product is entirely manufactured in Quebec.