Tribute to our inventors

The game « La fièvre du football »

Today, at 64, Michel no longer considers itself as a creator of games but more like an artist, a composer. His favorite instrument, it is a grid of dice and card with which he composed his games. He tells us his story. The first game I invented, the one who gave me the bite, it's "Football fever" in December 1983. I am 35 years old and come to understand why, since my infancy, this I like to do most is play. Even I have invented my first games, but without realizing it. It was just a game for me to try to improve my ways to play, and later my ways of working. It's fine to have invented the first game to have been successful in different rooms, but am I able to invent others? Then one day, Rock Demers, publisher of Tales for All, launched an appeal to designers of board games. It immediately interested me and I created "Saving Cleo," a game from the movie War of the toques. Next came The frog and the whale that Mr. Demers loved but, ultimately, it is the CBC which decided what was to be marketed or not. Officials at Radio-Canada does not retain my match, but he impressed with my ability to create custom games. So here I am with the mandate to create a play on the series Lance et compte. A challenge I like. Less than two months, the challenge was raised. I also created a game about the Smurfs, using figurines as game pieces. I can also make you run at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. I also proposed a game for the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Jazz Festival. Today I invented writing games for those who like to write. But my jewel remains Football fever which has become a gaming company reality: "The conquest of DICEBOWL". I guess I'll never be able to stop to compose ... and I do not complain. What football fan did not compare football, American style, in a game of chess? Who does not attend a football game, both on place on his couch, without becoming a stage manager at some point in the game? Football fever meets these expectations. You are the chief instructor of your team of players with different talents that compete in a grid field. The movement permits, especially those players that the ball are determined by continual confrontation dice. One requires you to become strategic, the other to suffer the same emotions that an instructor during the game. And that, I assure you.