Tribute to our inventors

The labyrinth of Imagination

The works of this genius were displayed throughout Canada and even the United States. In 1997 and 1998, the post-modern Romanticism exhibition occupied the largest room of the McCord Museum in Montreal. A runaway success. At the request of management, it is in a room adjacent to the installation that creates creative recycling workshops Totem Kinetics, for children 7 to 12 years. He animated those atypical workshops for nearly ten years in schools, colleges, universities (UQAM) and workshops for all: Festivities of the earth, Music Tremblant, Canada Day, Science Centre, Tohu, etc. Veilleux's works are mainly made with recycled objects, industrial and familiar, it transforms, robotized and sets paradoxical situations. His machines are usually accompanied by "pataphysical texts" which precede, accompany or prolong the action of machines. Combining electronics, video, writing, science, recycling, the "mechanical sculpture," Veilleux innovates in the field of visual arts by conducting a large scale, monumental installations luminokinetic, sound and interactive composed of hilarious absurd machinery and talking humanoid robots touching a universal audience. Over the years, I have visited most of its exhibitions and each time I had gasped. You have to see the children's faces during his workshops. When I remember how I was distracted at school, I cannot imagine how he would have managed to hold my attention. Florent was born in Rivière-du-Loup in 1941. With his classical studies and an electronics graduation, he moved to Paris in 1963 where for eighteen years, it will lead France in an artist's life multidisciplinary autodidact. Singer-songwriter he won Song of the French relay in 1966 and recorded several albums and performed with Dutronc, Lama, Hallyday, Adamo, Bedos, with whom he Bobino, etc. In parallel, he excels in many art forms: writing, directing, photography, audiovisual, comedy, special effects for theater and cinema, children's show, while wrote and directed the musical in which it plays, and the mouse replied beep beep beep, one disc will be pulled. Back in Quebec in 1981, he devoted himself to writing publishing Bride Archi, photography and audiovisual presentation of the work of art, and experimental video art. Several of his short video films are selected by the FIFA and other film festivals on art. He also devotes himself to the "kinetic sculpture" and won an award of excellence to the Green Contest UQAM Design Centre, with his work Joualvert Trophy, the only kinetic work presented in competition. In December 1999, with forty of his absurd machines exhibited at the McCord Museum a year earlier, it meets the challenge of animating the giant windows of Tristan & America at Rockefeller Center in New York, with the Buggy of the Year 2000, (The Y2K Buggy), an extravagant facility in excess of the global paranoia surrounding the transition to the year 2000. One hundred and fifty animated linear feet round the clock, corner 6th Avenue and 49th Street, 9 December 1999 to 10 January 2000. Currently, and since 1 May 2000, you can visit his double "mystifying facility 'and the PTEEM PTEVM first electricity transformer and water first water wind transformer in the world, at the Science Centre in the Old Port of Montreal. The same year, he participated in the first Manif of Quebec Art next to Wim Delvoye, exhibits his installations exploded at the Just for Laughs Festival (Bonus Veilleux museum), at TOHU (Pataville, Avenues Imaginary) at Station C (mechanical and Delirium The imaginary solutions), etc. Along with writing, video and creative recycling workshops Totem Kinetics for children, he made several custom luminokinetic giant works, including the Ark of the Flight for the museum in Trois-Rivières, The Tower of Bebel for headquarters of Cirque du Soleil, The Queen tricéphale 1 in the windows of Ursine 106U. He is also a lecturer at International Design at UQAM, CEGEP Assumption at 24 Hours of Science at Concordia. Themes developed: Applied pataphysics vertically television, looking for the axis of empty... The Poneylectrik exhibition, 33 absurd machines under influence (House of Culture Ahuntsic-Cartierville, 6 December 2007 to 26 January 2008), will be his last monumental installation. The pataphysician 68 years now focus all his creative energy to make 2009 the year of development and the opening of the Labyrinth of the Imagination, a unique kinetic art center in the world that constantly expose the entire his works, most of which, including its giant works like the Arches, the Tower of Bebel, the Poneylectrik, is stored for a limited time. The Labyrinth of the Imagination is not a dream but a reality to support. It is the result of many dreams made during a creative life. It is also a Cirque Imaginaire and Center which will safeguard, sustainability and visibility of its masterly work. This cannot be done without help. To this end, Florent Veilleux recently transformed his studio into a veritable museum of the absurd, consisting of more than one hundred "detonating" machines. Other works are unpublished and experimenting with new avenues equally pataphysical and paradoxical. This museum of the absurd, he also calls "showcase hilarious derision," is now open to professionals in the arts and culture, the media, the collector, the investor, the patron, the visionary in short, any person who, directly or through circuitous routes Labyrinthede allow the Imagination to materialize. The "showcase hilarious derision" is designed so that, from the outset, the reality rocking 180 degrees to make way for a "liberating experience" we could not believe possible before having visited it.