Tribute to our inventors

The umbrella-belt

His idea of the umbrella-belt came to him during a professional activity as a notary. One morning in the fall of 2008, after drinking coffee with a friend, he was on his way to work when he was caught in a heavy downpour. The mistral was blowing very hard that morning and the rain was coming from all sides. Despite its traditional umbrella, his feet and legs were completely soaked. His pants was even damaged by muddy water splashes from passing cars near him. The idea then came to live. A belt system, elegant and supple with an impermeable liner to be deployed around the legs to complete the protection offered by the umbrella. He was well protected, walking quietly in the rain. Once the rain had stop, the only operation to do is to undo the belt, coating and snort at the back. He thought the idea was interesting because competing technical solutions were either inappropriate for work or they provided insufficient protection. Arriving at a notarial course in rainy waxed boots, you can't do that! One could imagine wearing a raincoat a little longer on his suit but it still does not protect lower legs and shoes. The idea of the umbrella-belt was born and his adventure began. He though his invention could be used for both men and women, like an architect who goes on a building site, but women does also. He especially thought of a wedding dress. Anticipate the problems on her wedding day seems like it would be a priority. As they say "rainy wedding, happy marriage" Yes, but if the dress remains clean and dry is better! Her Umbrella-belt can be declined in several ways: disposable, with reflective strips, with advertising logos, so Scottish kilt, etc. Congratulations on this great idea Mr. Santoro!